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Angie Everhart is a famous actress and top model. The tall redhead celebrity started modeling when she was 16. In her 17 she left for Milan, Italy and Paris, France to model and conquer the catwalks. After a lot of modeling Angie began her acting career. Angie Everhart has made some hot nude scenes starring in movie 9 1/2 weeks 2. Early in her career, Angie Everhart was advised she would never be a top model because she was a redhead. However Angie succeeded in her chosen career and posed for numerous publications, including Glamour, for which she was the first redheaded cover model. She appeared in several issues of the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, starting in 1995. Finally after a long period of waiting for many fans, Angie Everhart posed nude for the Playboy magazine.

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Angie Everhart is a tall redhead top model and actress that will not stay unnoticed whenever she appears. The beautiful famous celebrity and acting star is a real men's fantasy and her athletic, firm body will get every male excited after the first look. Fans all over the world where anxious to catch a nude glimpse of her and when she gave them this chance in a hot nude movie scene in film 9 1/2 weeks 2, they had a vision to dream. So when Angie decided to take her clothes off and pose nude for a hot playboy photoshoot the temperatures really got high! Angie Everhart nude photoshoot revealed a hot explosive body, that can feed your most wet dreams!